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After 20 years of successfully managing actors, models, and performers, Agency 888 has earned a reputation of professionalism, influence and reliability within the entertainment industry. Formerly VManagement, Agency 888 recently emerged as a strong, agile and refreshing brand able to adapt to today’s evolving market. We ask that our talent keep up to date with trends and re-brand where necessary, so it makes sense that we at Agency 888 would do the same. You can be sure that we are ahead of the curve when shifts begin in the film, television, or fashion industries. At Agency 888 we make it a priority to research market demands, and by performing such research we are able to align our goals to best suit the needs of our clients. Our brand has established itself as an industry leader, and if you or someone you know dreams of being immersed in the movie world then we invite you to apply to join our ranks as we make ready for national expansion.

Our comprehensive Agency Services cover everything our clients need to launch a successful career:

  • The facts you need in order to make a well informed decision before investing any of your time or money.
  • Extensive workshops and classes to bring out your best at auditions.
  • Assisting you to compile a portfolio worthy of industry standard at a reasonable price.
  • Expert advice, support, and encouragement every step of the way with our professional mentoring.
  • Extensive connections in the film, television, and fashion industries, in both Australia and overseas, who raise more work opportunities for our represented talent.
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